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We are masters in producing low cost, high quality short videos (3-5 minutes) for your textbooks. We take care of everything: getting the permissions, locations, casting the actors, filming, postproduction and conversion of the videos to the format you need, be it DVD or the Internet.  And quick. You needed it yesterday, right?


Usually the videos are complementary materials to textbooks, which depict everyday situations, follow several characters (students, family) and show all kinds of events. The language is controlled and matches to the vocabulary and grammar from the corresponding coursebook.






We can produce in different ways, depending on your needs:


- If you have a fully written script, we will analyze it and come back to you with a budget based on your requirements. We can also discuss with you possible improvements regarding the script, locations, talent and production schedule, so that we all stay within budget.


- If you only have an idea for your video, maybe just the topic or subject you want to demonstrate, we can provide you with several ideas for the draft scripts and then work on them ourselves. Then, after a few rounds of corrections and sharpening the final scripts, we will go on with the shooting.


- If you only need location scouting or talent auditioning, we will happily help you to find the best possibilities.



Our key points:


- We produce videos in the following languages: Spanish (Spain and Latin America), French, German and English (British and American.)

- We cover from everyday life (birthdays, school life, sports...) to festivities and special events.

- We can film almost everywhere. We have agreements with locations that are usually difficult: public transportation, restaurants, clothes shops and supermarkets...

- We keep costs low. We work in small teams and maximize shooting schedules to stay in budget.

- We use the latest technology for the productions, including greenscreen solutions that open a complete world of possibilities in postproduction: - placing the actors in front of different backgrounds, creating "tv-studio" environments, etc.



Our commitment is to produce videos that are:


- Modern and engaging.

- Visually appealing, engaging and fun to watch.

- Full of culture and life: from the big city to the quiet countryside.

- Completely adapted to your language level and needs.

- In short, the best possible videos to bring language work alive and make you stand out from your competition as a publisher.



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