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With more than 20 years of experience, at Lucentum Productions we are specialists in educational audio recordings and audiovisual production in multiple languages. We work both on national and international level and we offer production services focused on training and education on one hand, and commercial and institutional projects on the other. We take care of our clients’ projects as if they were our own, and we dedicate all our efforts, resources, enthusiasm and professionalism to achieve your goals. We make your productions easy as we pay attention to details and we give you all the support you need to meet your requirements and successfully complete your audiovisual projects.


  • We are fully committed with our clients’ projects:

We dedicate all our efforts, resources, enthusiasm and professionalism to make your projects come true.

  • Our team is formed by specialists:

Lucentum Productions is formed by audio, video and language professionals, and also experienced project managers.

  • We offer you the highest quality and reliability:

We use equipment of the highest quality in the industry and we always aim to give solutions. We know that your project’s success depends on our responsiveness to various situations during the production process.

  • We believe in full cooperation with our clients:

We are constantly in touch with our clients to let them know where we are in the production process and to solve any doubts. Constant communication is the best way to keep them well informed and also make sure we meet their requirements.

  • We keep fluent communication within our teams:

The success of the projects we carry out depends on our efficiency. This is why we pay a lot of attention to our organizational and communication processes and we do our best to make them work perfectly.

  • Punctuality and promptness are a must:

We understand that timely deliveries are fundamental for our clients. At Lucentum Productions what is important for you is also very important for us, so we collaborate with you to agree best production deadlines possible and then we meet them.



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