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If you represent a publishing house or an educational entity and you need support with your educational projects, be it audio, video or multimedia, you can rely on us.


It is not a coincidence that we are a leading audio producer for educational content in Spain. We have been working for more than 20 years with educational and language learning publishing companies in Europe and the United States and we are proud to have contributed to their success. We offer all you need for your educational audiovisual products. We record audio for textbooks of Spanish as a foreign language and other languages and we produce educational videos that go together with your teaching plans or websites. Given our experience in the field, you do not have to worry about anything; we will treat your projects with professionalism to make sure they have the excellent quality you aim at.

a huge percentage of Spanish language textbooks

have our trademark.

We know exactly what you need. What your authors need. What your editors need. What your clients (schools, teachers, students) need. Because we stand in the shoes of all of them. We have produced hundreds of materials: audio CDs, short videos, original songs, cover songs, photos... for most educational publishers in Europe. We are proud to have contributed to their success, and to have their confidence year after year. They will affirm we treat your projects like you deserve, with professionalism, excellent quality, attention to detail and, of course, passion. Passion and your trust, those are our biggest assets.

Lucentum Productions offers you:

An extensive database of actors and voiceover talents of any age

Entire process of production, from script to final deliverable

Script writing and revision

Grammar and style proofreading of scripts

Audio and video recordings at our studios

Outdoor filming

Photography services for textbooks

Recording of cover versions of well-known songs and song composition

Online educational apps programming and CD-ROMs authoring

If you have any specific ideas for your educational projects, do not hesitate to contact us. You will be in good hands.




Because we work with professional and semi-professional voices and actors - children, teenagers, adults and old adults, all trained in the specific field of language learning projects. That means they sound natural but controlled, bright and upbeat but not artificial. And our sound engineers know very well the specifics of the textbooks: the right pause for the "listen and repeat" exercises, the relation between dialogue and sound effects... All the tricks and standard practices to make your textbook come alive and be loved by students and teachers.


We are masters in producing low cost, high quality short videos (3-5 minutes) for your textbooks. We take care of everything: getting the permissions, locations, casting the actors, filming, postproduction and conversion of the videos to the format you need, be it DVD or the Internet.


Sometimes you need a photo to illustrate a dialogue in the lesson. Or the cover for your book. It must be special, nothing you can find in any photo bank. That is when we come into the picture! We go out and shoot the photos you need for a fantastic price,


We are fully committed to our clients’ projects and we dedicate all our efforts, resources, excitement and professionalism to make them come true.


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